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Canadians Buying Homes Abroad

Canadians Buying Homes Abroad When it comes to purchasing property, a lot of questions and answers need to be resolved. This is even more true for Canadians who wish to purchase a house in the United States. The US real estate structure and market can be very different than that of Canada’s. Buyers need to […]

Pools may reduce your home appeal

Pools re a great luxury that can have major appeal to some home buyers but for the majority, they can be viewed as a nuisance. The idea of maintaining something year round that only sees 2 months of enjoyment is a bit a of hassle. The long term maintenance costs of a pool also add […]

Doing the work yourself doesn’t always save you money

Doing the work yourself can save you money. This is one of those statements that can hold true 2 ways. For some people, doing home renovations yourself can save you money. This is true IF you have experience and know what you are doing. Th opposite is true for people who attempt a project with […]

Bedroom or bathroom: Which should I add?

It is no uncommon for people to assume that adding a bedroom is better than adding a bathroom. Although this does add more living space to a home, it does not necessarily mean it is always better. The optimal choice depends on your current home setup. If you have a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home […]

Interior improvements are not better than exterior

Many people think that interior home improvements are better than exterior but this is wrong for some simple reason. If a prospective buyer can’t get past the outside of your house, then all the heard earned dollars you spent inside the house will be spent in vain. Renovations that up the curb appeal of your […]

Safe and simple colors are not always best

Most people think that safe colors, those that are neutral, are best in a home renovation as it will allow buyers to add their own personality to the home. This is not true because the fact is that many people do not possess the creativity to picture a home any differently. Showcasing your home with […]